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The chirho was used by christians before constantine but it became much more widespread after he adopted it. Get the best deals on constans i roman imperial coins 27 bc476 ad. Here are comments reproduced from a 1976 book by lukas blois, the policy of the emperor gallienus. The symbols of chi rho was used by the roman emperor constantine as military standard and constantine. The labaruma christian version of the vexillum, the military standard used earlier in the roman empireincorporated the chi rho. Lactantius mentions soldiers put the chi rho on their shields. The chirho appeared on the coins of constantine and his christian successors, sometimes alone and sometimes as part of a military standard as described by eusebius. Ancient roman imperial coins from the constantinian era, in chronological order. Constantine represented licinius as a snake on his coins. Many numismatic reference books for sale us large cents. By the year 350, the chirho began to be used on christian. Constantine i, city commemoratives, fausta, helena, crispus, delmatius, hanniballianus, constantine ii, constans, constantius ii, magnentius, decentius, vetranio, nepotian, constantius gallus, julian ii, jovian and festival of isis.

Constantine the great the coins speak by bungy issuu. The chi rho symbol is frequently found on the reverse of coins issued after constantine s victory, as a control mark, and on labarum chi rho christogram. Constans i roman imperial coins 27 bc476 ad for sale ebay. Roman coins of constantine the great forum ancient coins. There are some coins of ptolemy ii euergets which are marked with a chi rho. This may or may not have had christian significance, but constantine first used this symbolism in a. What matters, however, is that constantine incontrovertibly adopted it as a token of his christian allegiance. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. I have a few other constantine i coins with chi rho on military standard, a couple with the chi rho between standards and some of the common chi rho coins of constantine s sons and later rulers.

Easily share your publications and get them in front of issuus. Indeed constantine seems to have learned that christians had been coopting the sun symbol for more than 100 years. The book examines in detail a wide variety of evidence, including literature, secular and religious architectural monuments, coins, sculpture, and other works of art. The usurper magnentius appears to have been the first to use the chirho monogram flanked by alpha and omega, on the reverse of some coins minted in 353. Constantine, divine emperor of the christian golden age. The earliest official roman coins were created sometime around 320280 b. Constantius ii ae3 soldier holding globe and spear. Ad 272 may 22, ad 337 was a roman emperor famous for being the first christian emperor of rome, and legalizing christianity he is often held up by the church as the ideal religious ruler, ruling at the will of the just god who ended the persecution of christians.

This symbol was said by this sign i shall conquer used by constantine i the great. Chirho on constantine i coin is it as rare as it seems. The style looks wrong as well, leading me to believe this is some sort of modern fantasy reproduction designed for the christian crowd as a means of drawing a direct connection between constantine i and his role in. Follow constantine the great from his humble birth in moesia, his flight to britannia, the victory at the milvian bridge. All supplies books display holders folders albums other collecting tools. Coins with the chirho, which was a combination of the initials of jesus christ in greek, the letters x and p. Of approximately 1,363 coins of constantine i in ric vii, covering the period of 3337, roughly one percent might be classified as having christian symbols. Workers find constantineera roman coins by chance during dig. Especially the book of revelation, and isaiah and for. The bruce metzgers book manuscripts of the greek bible lists 15 such expressions.

Eusebius stated that in addition to the singular labarum of constantine. This coin, engraved with the legend spes pvblicae hope of the people, shows a standard with a chirho atop and a banner with three medallions, representing constantine and his. I had been a us coin collector for almost 30 years, then several years ago found myself picking up an ancient commemorative issue of constantine the great at a gem and mineral show. The usurper magnentius appears to have been the first to use the chi rho monogram flanked by alpha and omega, on the reverse of some coins minted in 353. A small 18 mm coin of constantine emperor, 307337 ad with an. I cant even find anything similar on ebay even though it has near 300 ancient roman coins with chi rho on them. The first instance of a chirho on a coin of constantine is on a rare silver. Project thousands of online numismatic books, articles and pages. Constantine is most famous for his conversion to christianity after the battle of the milvian bridge where he defeated emperor maxentius. Chi rho, chrismon, monogram of christ, or labarum early. Constantine made only sparing use of the chi rho on his coins, confining its use to a few scarce issues only.

Following his death however, this most powerful symbol came to be used increasingly frequently, both as a means of celebrating the religious convictions of the succeeding emperors, and as a means of affirming the legitimacy of their. Chi rho constantine the great ancient silver roman ring extremely rareperfect condition silver ring great collectible piece iv century inner diameter. The coins the emperor minted for the 10th anniversary of his reign depicted him with a helmet adorned with the christogram cross chi rho symbol. A job lot comprising 4 justinian i half follis coins. Coins and medallions minted during emperor constantine s reign also bore the chi rho. Labarum, sacred military standard of the christian roman emperors, first used by constantine i in the early part of the 4th century ad. Antecedents for the chi rho monogram have sometime been suggested. From the third century bc, the chirho is obviously not a reference to christ. Prophetic interpretations of constantines labarum coin the. Emperor constantine and faith constantine christian. Coins and medallions minted during emperor constantines reign also bore the chirho.

Valens w christian chirho labarum ancient 367ad authentic roman. Flavius valerius constantinus, constantine the great, was the son of helena and the first tetrarchic ruler constantius i. A vain, effeminate man who loved to adorn his body and the full length of his arms, with jewellery. The chi rho symbol is frequently found on the reverse of coins. Make offer constans gay emperor son of constantine the great roman coin victory i32782. The early symbols are either a cross or a chirho chirho. Constantine, divine emperor of the christian golden age offers a radical reassessment of constantine as an emperor, a pagan, and a christian. Constantine felt that both licinius and arius were agents of satan, and associated them with the serpent described in the book of revelation 12. Valens 367ad ancient roman coin labarum chirho chist. While it was used very early by persecuted christians in the catacombs, when constantine i was struggling to become emperor, he used the symbol at the front of his armies and was victorious see below. The helmet itself was an important symbol and on some rare issues from siscia even has a chirho in the crossbar. It was first used by the roman emperor constantine. The emperor himself drowned in the tiber along with many of his troops.

Chi and rho are the first two letters of christ in greek christos. On some coins, constantinopolis is holding what might be considered a cross scepter with a globe often topped with a smaller globe. Christian symbolism on coins of constantine the great. The life of constantine, book i, chapters 28,30,31. Constantine had been a sun worshipping pagan but said that he was converted to christianity when he saw a sign in the sky the greek letters chi and rho. Christian symbolism on the coinage of constantine the great. Imperator caesar flavius valerius aurelius constantinus augustus. This is the roman empire of the early 4th century a.

The chi rho monogram from the book of kells rajkumar r. The chi rho insignia christogram appeared on coins first as a minor device. Constans on ship christian chi rho labarum 348ad ancient roman coin ngc i879. Skip past the newest and jump down to constantinian in. Constantine was then the sole emperor of rome, the first christian emperor of rome, and the subject of history books and culture, including 1,300 pounds of bronze coins later found in spain. The crossscepter imagery was later an imperial attribute and sign of power on some gold coins of valentinian iii. A page about christian symbolism on bronze coins of constantine the great. This coin, struck by constantine s youngest son while he reigned as emperor, shows another durable early christian image.

Emperor constantine vision of a cross or chi rho in heaven documented by eusebius, was what united the broken roman empire. Constantine was always depicted wearing a helmet on all the vlpp coins except for a very rare issue from arles. Ancient bible coins biblical christianity jesus christ. Constantine had just won the territory of siscia from licinius in 317 ce constantine. One of my favorites, constantine i chirho on helmet. Lot genuine ancient roman coins constantinevalensliciniusvalentinianconstans. The engagement began and despite outnumbering constantine s troops, maxentius and his army were vanquished. Constantine and his troops painted the chi rho symbol on their shields and. The history of roman coins can be divided into three distinct periods. The chi rho symbol is frequently found on the reverse of coins issued after constantines victory, as a control mark, and on labarum chi rho christogram standardards held by the emperor in various poses.

Constans with chi rho, scarce at the top, three crispus pieces. The pronunciation of those two letters was actually chi for x and rho for the p. The trinity constantine, eusebius and the nicene creed. Numiswiki the collaborative numismatics project thousands of online numismatic books, articles and pages. Some coins depict the image of constantine, an unlikely ruler. He executed his son crispus on trumpedup charges of incest and boiled his own wife, fausta, to death.

The bold names highlight the emperors and usurpers. Eusebius mentions constantine put christs symbol greek letters chi rho on his helmet. Chirho coins roman page 6 constantine i to constantius ii. Coins ancient judaea coins, auction, the incredibles, antiques, collection. By the year 350, the chi rho began to be used on christian sarcophagi and frescoes. Constantine is perhaps best known for being the first roman emperor to freely allow christianity, traditionally presented as a result of an omen a chi and rho in the sky, with the inscription by this sign shalt thou conquer before his victory in the battle of milvian bridge on october 28, 312, when constantine is said to have. The obverses of most roman coins depicted rulers and their family members. This site is the labor of love for tom and luanne wood tom because he loves to do the work and luanne for putting up with it. There are only four christian symbols on roman coins of the fourth century. Sometimes it is called the monogram of christ or chrismon or labarum. Chi rho early christian christian art constantine the great coins christian symbols roman emperor roman art symbols. By the year 350, the chirho began to be used on christian sarcophagi and frescoes.

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