Meyers electric pecan cracker

The best electric pecan nutcracker up to 1500 per hour. The electric pecan cracker can do up to 1,560 pecans per hour. And for industial nut crackers, you need an electric pecan cracker. This meyer pecan cracker will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. Large batch shelling tour valley view pecan company.

All eleven of these meyer crackers are driven by a single shaft and are all fed. Meyer pecan cracker in altamont, ks item c5189 sold. Our nut cracker machines were invented and fabricated by carleton a. We have developed a variety of hand built shelling machines, also known as crackers, over the years, and we take pride in their work. Welcome to the pearce brothers website, manufacturers of the best pecan crackers and shellers on the market. This item is a meyer pecan cracker with the following. Nov 28, 2018 extremely popular electric pecan cracker we took our faithful kinetic kracker electric nut cracker design, looked it over, and gave it some upgrades. This automatic electric cracker cracks 80 to 90 cracks per minute. While not as imposing as the eleven cracker line, this one machine cracks about nuts per minute while the old crackers combined to only about 700. At pecan nut buster we have the best pecan cracker and sheller machines available. While it is a little tricky to set up, you essentially load a pecan in the chamber of this sheller, pull back a handle that has tension due to a rubber band and let her rip. It is a common story to hear how families will sit on the back porch cracking pecans and when they are done not have the first pecan to put up because they ate them all. Crack all kinds of nuts with these quality tools for.

Electric pecan cracker leading pea sheller machine and the electric pecan cracker is the fastest residential pecan cracker on the market. This is the newest revision of the kinetic kracker, with the box look. Pecan cracker, electric pecan cracker, sheller and gatherer. This automatic electric cracker cracks 80 to 90 cracks per. At 26 pecans per minute blazing 1,560 pecans per hour, it is easy to use and very safe. The kinetic electric pecan cracker is our most popular electric cracker. Jan 21, 2020 looking to buy champion or meyers pecan cracker. You can purchase one directly from the manufacturer. Pecan cracking machine pecan shellers pecan equipment. This invention relates generally to nutcracking machines of the type adapted to. Automatic electric pecan kinetic cracker plus small nut. As a family owned company we pride ourself on providing good quality machines that are locally made, and are proud of offering a product made in america.

Once dialed in, the texas native inertia nutcracker is the fastest manual pecan cracker to get whole kernel nuts we have found. Control the cracking power by adding or removing rubberbands. It shells twice the capacity of the vibra 1 sheller and will handle 2 to three pecan crackers. Our nut cracker tools and supplies make nut cracking fun. Instructions and helpful tips to operate your automatic pecan. Valley view pecan company large batch shelling tour. Meyer nut cracking machine 7 sheetssheet 1 filed april 5.

Pecan cracker, electric pecan cracker, sheller and gatherer description. If the pecans are cracked perfectly the shell will fall off the meat with very few stick tights and will be mostly halves. While the meyer crackers have been around for 40 to 50 years, this was developed just about 20 years ago. This electric pecan cracker is the updated and improved version of the kinetic kracker. Get crackin nut cracker black walnut english pecan hazel filbertnut macadamia. It features a precisionmachined, nickelplated, allsteel construction and is mounted on a beautiful hardwood base. Prepper series how to dry can beans and rice this controls bugs and larvae in food stores duration. The meyer pecan cracker is a commercial pecan cracker that simplifies. First, the inshell pecans are brought into our shop in either burlap sacks or. Parts for pea shellers, electric pecan crackers and more. A great team together, we design, fabricate, paint, and sell commercial crackers that can shell not only 100 p. This machine is very new to us and is fairly new in relation to most pecan equipment. Made in america and assembled by hand, the electric pecan cracker is very easy to operate and maintain since the fancooled motor and parts are selflubricating.

Once the cracker is set for the overall average pecan in the batch, it has the potential to crack 100 lbs. Previously known as the meyer automatic edible nut cracker or meyer. Thus, the meyer pecan cracker is now known as the modern electronics pecan cracker. This machine can easily pay for itself in one season.

Only till i started making and selling my own variety of the twist cracker, i call rykecracker did i know the true power with in a nut cracker. Has a precise and firm grip mechanism that cracks only the shell instead of the actual nut. It cracks soft shell nuts with ease and is made from the finest red oak and aluminum. The electric pecan cracker is the fastest residential pecan cracker on the market. This automatic pecan cracker capable of cracking 1,560 pecans an hour. Pecan nut busters is a family owed manufacturer of quality nut crackers, shellers, and air separators. Need to buy savage 500 gallon sprayer 5528 or any other orchard sprayer less than 500 gallons. Most manual pecan nut crackers require constantly adjusting for different sizes of. Shop for nut crackers and nut harvesting equipment at red hill general store. Easily remove the shells from nuts with the dukes easy pecan and nut cracker.

The 200lb test, virgin wood, corrugated box can protect the electric pecan cracker from the worstcase scenario, even overseas shipping. Equipment used to crack the outer shell and remove the outer shell of pecans and. Used savage 28 shaker or any similar unit that works on a 65 hp tractor. Without a nut cracker of some kind, breaking open the shells results in smashed pecans. Companies that sell meyers pecan crackers angela wagner pin share tweet. Texan york nutsheller, electric pecan crackers, and meyers pecan cracker make cracking pecans fun and easy. Back and better than ever with more nut cracking power, our kinetic kracker delivers the ability to crack 1,560 pecans per hour with 26 rpm motor versus the previous 1,200 nuts with 20 rpm motor. Piccadillys cafeteria pecan delight this is a light pecan. By far the most fun pecan sheller to use was the inertia pecan nutcracker. The kitchen accessory makes it easy to crack nuts quickly. It also comes with the pneumatic air cleaner attached to remove the shell from the nut meat. Thus, the meyer pecan cracker is now known as the modern electronics. The ingenuity of the electric pecan cracker is its ability to sense the pressure needed to precisely crack pecans. Use the sample cracker to crack one nut at a time for the purpose of determining the kernel to shell ratio in a sample of inshell pecans.

Automatic pecan cracking machine rek machine supplier. Mar 17, 2019 home copycat restaurant recipes piccadillys cafeteria pecan delight this is a light pecan pie. The meyer pecan cracker is a commercial pecan cracker that simplifies this process while maintaining the integrity of the nuts. Electric nut crackers can be bought for a few hundred dollars but you can construct your own at a low cost with a few workshop tools. The cutting shaft has blades that pin the nut against the back plate and peels thenut crackers, walnut crackers, nut, walnut, hazelnut carcker, black walnut cracker, automatic nutcracker, pecan cracker machine, hand crank nutcracker, almond cracker, electric nutcracker, electric pecan cracker, automatic nutcracker machines, pecans, almonds. The motor is prewired for 115 volts and has an onoff switch with a circuit breaker in the switch box. The force sandwiches the pecan between two hard surfaces and then.

The shell out of halves is based upon the pecan freshness, moisture content and the speed at which the machine is fed. Cracking and shelling product line modern electronics. If you have a large nut harvest to shell, breaking all the nuts by hand can be tiring at best, and at worst all the nut cracking could land you with a case of repetitive strain injury. Nut cracker tool heavy duty pecan walnut sheller opener kitchen gadget silver.

The pecans are then run through a sheller which quite simply tumbles the nuts to knock the cracked shell off the meats. Pecan cracker featuring kinetic kracker pecans are as much fun to crack as they are to eat. This is a favorite from the piccadillys cafeteria pecan delight. Nor did i know that there was such a fan base of nut cracker fans. Previously known as the meyer automatic edible nut cracker or meyer cracker, our cracker has been used by commercial and noncommercial shellers for years. Nutcracking machine champion pecan machine company. Both the cracking and shelling process can be hampered and yields the. As a family owned company we pride ourself on providing good quality machines that are locally made, and are proud of. Aug 18, 20 i never knew there were so many nut crackers. Electric pecan cracker english walnut, nut,filbert nut.

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