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Various forms of slavery, servitude, or coerced human labor existed throughout the world before the development of the transatlantic slave trade in the sixteenth century. Love this site, but this is not a list on the african slave trade, it is a list of books about slavery. Before the slave trade book trailer part 1 youtube. Such visual resources are always necessary and it is important that such resources are readily accessible, especially as teaching material. The first european nation to engage in the transatlantic slave trade was portugal in the mid to late 1400s. Before the slave trade provides novices to black history and teachers of egyptology or african civilisations with key photographic images as visual proof of the greatness of the black past. In a new book, the historian vincent brown argues that these rebellions did more to end the slave trade than any actions taken by white abolitionists like johnson. As historian david eltis explains, almost all peoples have been both slaves and slaveholders at some point in their histories. African world history in pictures 9780955969508 and a great selection of similar new, used and collectible books available now at great prices.

In the centuries before 1500, some of the worlds other great civilisations, such as kush in presentday sudan, axum in presentday ethiopia and great zimbabwe, flourished in africa. Captain john hawkins made the first known english slaving voyage to africa, in 1562, in the reign of elizabeth 1. Africa before transatlantic enslavement black history 365. Hawkins made three such journeys over a period of six years. First, africans had been imported as slave labor in the english colony of bermuda before 1619.

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